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What is a Travel Snob?

Exactly what is says, for years I’ve been someone who used travel for therapy. Whether it was for a quick getaway with my friends, wanting to celebrate a milestone birthday or even when work was so overwhelming and I needed a moment to prevent losing my mind, I would check my bank account and book a trip. Now think of when I said check my bank account. I enjoyed the finer things of life, including 5 star hotels, but when you are a recent college graduate funds are always on the low, but I STILL wanted it all. Now I was never someone who had to keep up with the Jones’s, but I definitely turned my nose up to getting away to a place that was not up to par for standards of living the life of luxury. I mean again, I wanted to get away, NOT embark on a journey of “where in the heck am I?” So I would tirelessly watch deals, shop coupons, seek out discounted rates just so I could say I’m taking a three day extended weekend trip to Scottsdale, at one of their most lavish spa resorts, or ziplining in the jungle of Costa Rica. I made it happen, and at the end of the trip many would ask, “how much was that?” or “how could you afford that trip on a Junior Analyst salary?” My answer was always, “I wanted to just go so I made it happen” and what’s even better, I never compromised my savings, monthly expenses, or life.

So again, you ask what is a Travel Snob? A Travel Snob is someone who can travel the world and enjoy the luxuries on a budget. So I won’t bore you with the extra details, but I think its important to mention that myself along with a great friend of mine decided to join forces because we had these very same things in common. We felt the need to create a space for you to visit a site where we plan to give you the tools you need to create memories the way we have. We want to share with our Travel Snob’s tips and tricks to the world of traveling on a budget. More importantly we want you to trust in us that we can not only share our experiences but also be a place you can go to simply book with us. There are a million travel agents out here in the world and while everyone holds a certain niche, the one thing we can guarantee is providing you with an experience where you can simply tell us what you need so we can make it happen for you!

So, take a visit and check us out. We aren’t here to simply become your next travel agent; we want you to become a part of the Travel Snob movement!

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